Our machine

Vessel head

Vessel head ends are mostly used in storage or pressure vessels in industry:pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, cryogenic, municipal water treatment, propane, extraction, and food/beverage industries. read more

Tubesheet With Large Diameter

Tubesheet With Large Diameter read more

Steel Leveling

Rolled steel stretcher leveling services eliminate bowing and warpage by applying a uniform tension to stretch the entire cross section of a material. It erases the memory of the steel by exceeding th read more

Steel Drilling

Steel plate drilling is a cold cutting process that utilises a drill bit in order to cut or enlarge a small circular hole within a solid work-piece. The drill bit will typically be a multi-point rotar read more

Special plate development & Bevel cutting

The machines are programmed according to the type of material being cut, the tensile strength and the thickness. The CNC control then optimises the blade gap and rake angle of the blade to give the be read more


We can easily shear long lengths up to 8.2 metres in a range of thicknesses from 0.9mm up to 13mm depending on the material.A unique torsion control feature... read more


Having a bevel cutting torch we are able to cut both topside and underside chamfers even around contours, a quick and accurate method of applying weld preps etc. saving customers time and money on exp read more

Multi-Drilling Machine

Multi-Drilling Machine read more

Plate Rolling

The very latest in heavy plate rolling power and accuracy in the China offers better options to customers needing heavy plate formed quickly and accurately. read more

Flat bars

Flat bars and strip produced in any width or grade read more


The largest tube and pipe profiling service in the China offers new options to customers in the all over the word. With a huge range from 80mm – 2650mm diameter and up to 100mm thickness. read more


Plate metal bending is a chipless process in which sheet metal is formed by the application of mechanical force. In our company bending is carried out with the use of five CNC-controlled press brakes. read more

Steel Bar Grating

Our steel bar grating is the most popular grating product.Nearly all sizes in Standard Mesh Type are readily available in our warehouses. read more